International Women's Day 2024

Op international Women’s day vieren we de kracht van vrouwen en meisjes over de hele wereld. Free a Girl is super trots dat we met ons School for Justice programma meisjes ontwikkelen tot echte change agents. Vandaag vertellen we het inspirerende verhaal van één van hen – Antônia Jéssika Alves:

“As I began my journey with the School for Justice, I’ve had multiple victories, which started by gaining the trust and confidence of my mother-in-law and my family. Second, I obtained a Master’s Certificate in Eyelash Extensions.

I graduated and it was a beautiful experience. I received my graduation plaque, stepped onto the stage—it was truly wonderful! I started conducting aesthetic workshops in eyelash extensions for my students. Seeing myself as an educator in the field of aesthetics is incredibly rewarding!

I feel like my progress has been as rapid as a rocket. My beauty studio is the most beautiful thing in the world.

I conduct sexual education workshops at my beauty studio for children, young adults, teenagers, and adult women. I guide my clients through questions related to preventing STDs, scheduling health centre appointments, and providing advice on handling situations of harassment. Helping other women and children fight against sexual violence deeply moves me; it’s incredibly rewarding.

And that’s not all—I’m thrilled because yesterday (February 26, 2024) was my first day at University. I’ve started my degree in Aesthetics, and my initial class was on anatomy. Today, I have a biochemistry class, both theoretical and practical.

I’ve grown and achieved so much: completing courses, attending college, and transforming my family’s perception of me. For a long time, society and even my family doubted me, but now, with my progress (thanks to the School for Justice, my salon, and college), my family supports and believes in me. This means the world to me, and I’m immensely grateful for everything happening in my life.

This is what I want for myself, always and forever. To keep helping people more and more.”

Antônia Jéssika Alves