We are a small charity. But people mainly donate to the bigger charities they know. So how could we reach as many people as possible and raise awareness to fight child prostitution?

Instead of asking the public to donate to our cause (with budget for one print ad!), we decided to be smarter. We asked other large charities to ask for donations for us. These charities had been asking for donations throughout their existence, so when we asked them for a donation, they had to say yes, right? And they did! Not by giving us their money, but by donating their brand identity for a day. Throughout all their media.

In that way they reached their own donors through their banners, tweets, websites, print placements,bilboards, their ambassadors social media, etc. So the 28th of May, 30 good causes all worked together for one good cause: Free a Girl. And that day they all fought child prostitution together. Key results: 15.227.254 million impressions for Free a Girl.