Miss Voluptuous Netherlands

Hi everyone, I am Ashley Anna, 24 years old and currently the reigning Miss Curve Nederland and Miss Voluptuous Netherlands. I really want to talk with you guys about something I find important. 

I hope, with my whole heart you’ve had the childhood you deserved. That you actually could be a child and have a safe environment to grow up in. Unfortunately, my teenage years were taken from me at the age of 14 till 16 when I experienced sexual abuse for a very long time. I don’t think any child or teenager deserves to go through such a horrific thing.

Every child should be able to be a child. And every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. All children, women and girls within our world must be protected from any form of exploitation or human trafficking. That’s what I believe in, and Free A Girl does too. 

Since they founded their foundation, they have already been able to free 6461 girls. Worldwide, there are currently 2 million children trapped in situations of sexual exploitation. 1.2 Million are trapped in India of which 95% are girls. Only 10% report the crime which only leads to 2% being convicted.

With my platform and the title I have, I want to create awareness about topics that are important to me and are close to my heart. I find it important to have a safe environment  for women and children…  A world without human trafficking and exploitation. 

Do you think this is as important as I do? If you do, or want to help me with my mission, I have started a donating campaign where you can donate. Every donation is helpful. No matter the amount.