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About Lock me Up

Worldwide, millions of girls are forced into prostitution. In India, thousands of girls trapped in brothels, in cages of 1 by 2 meters. Their life is like hell.

The Lock me Up event will be held from 18-22 May, the goal of this event is to raise awareness for this problem. Participants will be locked up for twelve hours and try to raise as much money as possible. The small cages symbolise the existing ones in India, and these cages will be placed in various restaurants in the Netherlands. With the money Free a Girl can liberate more girls from forced prostitution.

Lock me Up- Free a Girl is an initiative of Free a Girl and Wimmy Hu (advisor of Free a Girl). The previous editions of the event were all successful. Watch the after movie of the Lock me Up- Free a Girl 2014.

Sponsors Lock me Up - Free a Girl

We would like to thank all partners which make, in addition to our participants of Lock Me Up - Free a Girl a success. Website builder to booth builder, hosting company to warehousing: thanks!


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