Investigation and rescue

Our colleagues in South Asia risk their lives every day when performing their work of freeing young girls from brothels. To give you an insight into how they work we have described their work methods. Although every situation is different, the following summary may serve as a general overview.

A brothel in Faridpur, Bangladesh March 12, 2011. Faridpur holds the country's largest brothel.

Part I: Investigation & Rescue

  • Our colleagues receive a tip from an informant regarding a brothel that is suspected of illegal activities of human trafficking and/or forced prostitution of underage girls.
  • Investigators from the rescue team and the informant exchange information.
  • The investigator organises a first visit to inspect the brothel.
  • The investigator goes undercover, pretending to be a customer and initiates contact with the girl in question.
  • The investigator visits the girls several times, until trust is established and she has given her consent to be rescued. She is then prepared for the rescue raid.
  • When the team has gathered sufficient evidence of illegal activities, the police is informed and encouraged to cooperate with the rescue team during the raid.
  • They plan a detailed strategy for the raid.
  • The raid is executed: the police and the rescue team kick down the doors of the brothel and search for the girl. The team specialises in detecting secret rooms in which the girls are often kept hidden.
  • The brothel owner is arrested by the police and a police investigation follows.
  • The rescued girl then goes to the police to make a statement.