Associacao Beneficente dos Agostinianos Recoletos de Fortaleza (ABARF) runs a shelter in Fortaleza called Lar Santa Mônica. The shelter is for girls between the ages of 7 and 18 who are victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Girls who are at high risk of sexual abuse or exploitation are also provided with social support at the shelter. The organisation aims to improve the living conditions of the girls and reduce psychological and social risks. The shelter consists of two small family-homes with a capacity of 12 children each. There is one home for young girls (7-11 years) and one for adolescent girls (12-17 years). These homes offer personal guidance and a familial environment, aimed at creating a safe alternative family setting for these girls. Lar Santa Mônica liaises closely with the families so that they stay involved with the girls and eventually fully support them again. The organisation also maintains a presence in the neighbourhood so that other at-risk girls can easily be supported and referred to Lar Santa Mônica. In the five years that the project has operated, 75 girls have received shelter for short or long periods of time. Other girls are supported remotely by Lar Santa Mônica and some are referred to other organisations.