Our approach

Everyday around the world, millions of vulnerable girls are trafficked and forced into child prostitution. With our support they are rescued, cared for and rehabilitated.


In the Netherlands we raise funds and awareness to fight child prostitution. We keep the cost of our fundraising activities as low as possible so that all donations can directly benefit our projects. Free a Girl raises awareness of child prostitution through education in schools, campaigns and through the media.

Free a Girl:

  • Does not use street recruiters, paid ads or commercials.
  • Makes use of free publicity.
  • Does not send mailings to (potential) donors and communicates as much as possible by e-mail to save paper and postage.
  • Works from an office that has been generously provided to us for free.
  • In 2015, fundraising costs amounted to 16%. We are in possession of the seal of the Central Bureau on Fundraising. Our goal is for all fundraising costs to be kept as efficient as possible.
  • Adopts a remuneration policy for its employees in line with the Dutch government standards.


Free a Girl works with local partner organisations. Because our partners have the necessary expertise and know the culture, language, political economy, they are best able to provide exactly what is needed to the girls.

Our Partners:

  • Find it natural to work with a limited budget to achieve maximum results.
  • Are just as enthusiastic as we are.
  • Are subject to review based on criteria established by Free a Girl. We closely monitor the project implementation and whether the money is being spent as agreed. Monitoring and evaluation also allow our partners to critically think about the projects, what went well and what could be better.


Six of our partner organisations have rescue teams. They collect evidence of child prostitution and carry out raids with the local police. The event is reported and the brothel owners and offenders can then be prosecuted. By cooperating and building trusting relationships with the police, new and effective solutions can be found.


Almost all children who are rescued are traumatised. Many of them suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and some of them have become infected with HIV. In the shelters the victims can receive both medical treatment and psychological and emotional support. They are also provided with education and vocational training. Some children stay for a few months and can be quickly reunited with their families, while others stay for years in the shelter as they rebuild their lives.


We believe prevention through awareness and prosecution of perpetrators are key elements to eliminating child prostitution. In Mumbai there are now fewer underage girls in the red-light districts. By creating awareness of human trafficking in the villages, there is also greater alertness and oversight by the communities. Suspicious cases can then be reported quickly.


Once a girl is rescued from a brothel, she begins a long road back to a “normal” life. Free a girl ensures that rescued girls receive vocational training in the shelter. Upon return home, they can then earn an average pay (by local standards) and work to build independence and economic self-sufficiency (and sometimes even help their families).