Equal Community

Unequal balance in power between men and women is mostly the issue in our fight against child prostitution. Men have more say about their sisters or daughters than the women themselves. People rarely listen to the girls. Sometimes boys or men are working actively to traffic or arrange the marriage of their sisters or daughters, which poses an extra risk of human trafficking. Therefore, violence is prevalent and a key problem. It is a learned behaviour and accepted by the community. To achieve change, it is essential to empower girls, but also to discuss the issue with young boys.

Free a Girl has a partnership with the Equal Community Foundation, an organisation specialised in working with boys and young men. Trainers teach boys how they can contribute to fairer chances for girls and how they can combat violence and commercial sexual exploitation against girls.

When the boys successfully finish their training, they are encouraged to share their knowledge with other boys in their community. We want to ensure that more men are standing up in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of girls and play an important role against child prostitution.