Press release: Conchita Leeflang international ambassador of Free a Girl

Conchita Leeflang has become ambassador of Free a Girl. The American actress, model, singer, and businesswoman will strive to put Free a Girl on the international map. She has an extensive network in the US and abroad. She is really affected by the suffering caused by child prostitution. Conchita has a six-year-old daughter.

Evelien Hölsken, co-founder and Managing Director of Free a Girl: “Arjan Erkel and myself have recently met Conchita at the Global Gift Foundation USA Gala in Mexico, where Arjan received an award from Ricky Martin. There was an instant connection. Conchita is impressed by the work done by Free a Girl as much as she impresses us. She is a very motivated, strong woman who we can really use to also fight child prostitution at an international level. Conchita studied law and is very interested in raising awareness to address impunity in those countries where Free a Girl operates. Her activities for Free a Girl will mainly consist of mobilizing her network and, through PR and media, campaigning for the problems surrounding child prostitution. Fundraising will take place in close cooperation with the Global Gift Foundation USA, with which both Conchita and Free a Girl have a close relationship.”

Conchita Leeflang: “As a mother, I have brought a daughter into this world to raise her to bring out the best in herself. Not a single adult is entitled to appropriate a child. A child is born free and should remain free. By deploying a girl for prostitution and having her raped on a daily basis, you take away what is most precious, you ruin her life. This has to stop. In February, I will travel to Nepal with Free a Girl to see the work of the foundation for myself. I am looking forward to working with Free a Girl to fight child prostitution together. ”

The two other charities she always has dear to her heart are from Elton John (EJAF) and Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria Foundation) and her collaboration with Global Gift Foundation. They are not only her friends, but also huge trustworthy Philanthropists.

Foto: Raul Neijhorst

About Free a Girl

Free a Girl is committed to freeing young girls from forced prostitution. In addition, the foundation invests in providing shelter, trauma counseling, medical care, education and vocational training, and reintegration of victims.

In the last 8 years, Free a Girl has contributed to the rescue of 3,784 girls from brothels in Asia. Free a Girl also collaborates with the police and judicial authorities to arrest human traffickers and have them convicted. Free a Girl offers financial support to 14 partner organizations in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Anna-Alicia Sklias, Bridget Maasland, Conchita Leeflang, Dave Mantel, Glennis Grace, John Ewbank, Jojanneke van den Berge, Tim Hofman, Thomas Berge, Wesley Sneijder and Wimmy Hu are ambassadors of the foundation.


Press contact

Evelien Hölsken – co-founder and Managing Director of Free a Girl
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