PhotoChallenge 2017 – Girl Power

The PhotoChallenge is looking for the best image to represent Girl Power. This competition will award the best photo of an university student and will even help an NGO supporter chosen by the winner.

PhotoChallenge 2017 – Girl Power

Jak&Jil (a is promoting the PhotoChallenge 2017 – Girl Power to show the battle of women to participate in every part of society. The winning student wins €5200, of which €2700 goes to a participating NGO selected by the winner. Free a Girl is proud to be one of the participating NGOs.

How it works

PhotoChallenge 2017 – Girl Power will award the best photograph, on the proposed subject.

Process      Submit your photo before November 30 on

Process      Post your photo on instagram using #jakandjilprowomen

Process    The jury will judge your photo

Process      The winner will be awarded €5200

Free a Girl

Free a Girl is an international organisation that fights child prostitution and forced prostitution of young people up to 23 years of age, in Asia, Brazil and the Netherlands. In the past 8 years we have contributed to the liberation of thousands of girls from brothels as well as supported their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. This year we are one of the NGO supporters for the PhotoChallenge 2017 – Girl Power, because we believe that youth should be aware of the existence of child prostitution and the need to combat and prevent it.