We are proud of it

We cannot make it better than it is.

Free a Girl has started a remarkable campaign. Remarkable, because you can expect only honest and realistic communication. Support a charity that does not claim to be better than it is. We have all become familiar with the images of children in the developing world, and at first, it may not be clear what it is really about: the work of rescue teams freeing girls detained in brothels in the most horrific ways. Free a Girl frees girls from forced prostitution worldwide, and we are proud of it.

The recordings of this campaign are made in India, and the girls that we see are not actresses. Yaya, Sangita and Maya were trafficked from their village at a very early age and sold to a brothel in Mumbai. There they were sexually abused and mistreated several times a day. Thanks to Free a Girl, these girls have been freed and they can now independently provide for their livelihood (by local standards). The images of the search and rescue teams are real.

The campaign was created pro bono by the ad agency Publicis and filmed and photographed by Olaf van Gerwen of In Case of Fire.