Lock me Up – Free a Girl

Update: June 6 2015

Lock me Up – Free a Girl 2015 ended

On Saturday the 6th of June, is announced at Moeke Spijkstra in Blaricum, that the participants of the event Lock me Up – Free a Girl raised € 417.847. A wonderful amount! Here can find the Dutch press release.

Lock me Up – Free a Girl 2015

After successful editions of Lock me Up – Free a Girl in 2012, 2013 and 2014 the event was held again in 2015. During this event, small cages were be placed in several restaurants in The Netherlands. These cages symbolizes the small existing ones in brothels in India, where young girls are being held captive and forced into prostitution. Participants were be locked up for 12 hours to create awareness about forced prostitution among minors and to raise as much money as possible. The more money collected, the more girls rescued from prostitution as a result of the rescue teams supported by Free a Girl. With this money Free a Girl can continue to suppport these rescue teams and expand rescue operations to liberate even more girls. We also invest money into prosecuting as many human traffickers as possible.

These are the rules

1) You will be locked up for 12 hours at the agreed location, date and time.
2) You will raise at least 2.500 euro via your own online campaign page, your network and social media. This can be done by donations, self-initiating actions or by offering some items for the auction.
3) During your lock up, you will receive water (unlimited) and some rice (once-off for dinner)!
4) You are allowed to take a break every 2 hours for 5 minutes.

Would you like to participate in 2016?

Please help us by being locked up for 12 hours and raising as much money as you can. The fundraising starts 8 weeks in advance of the campaign and you will receive your own online fundraising page. Please sign in at rik.pauwels@freeagirl.nl.