We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers, with a hands-on mentality, who want to represent Free a Girl. Are you enterprising, representative, communicative, strong in organization and do you have a sense of responsibility? Sign up! There are various activities throughout the country and we offer space for our own initiatives. On an on-call basis, we will appeal to your efforts, taking into account expertise, ambition level and time commitment. You can register via with your name, place of residence, age and on which level you would like to contribute:

  • Inform people, for example, at a stand at a market or a festival;
  • Giving presentations about Free a Girl at, for example, a student or sports club;
  • Give an appearance in private actions in your neighborhood and receive checks.


We are regularly asked whether volunteer or internships are available at (foreign) partner organizations of Free a Girl. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Read below the main arguments why this is not desirable.

  • Partner organizations work with a vulnerable group of girls. It benefits these girls that they get support from a permanent group of professionals who can stay with them for a long time.
  • The girls must be able to work on their rehabilitation as much as possible in a quiet environment.
  • There are no activities that cannot be picked up locally. In addition, Free a Girl encourages the local population to develop themselves. Our partners work exclusively with local staff and local volunteers / trainees.