Poverty and social inequality is widespread in Thailand, particularly in rural areas in the north and northeast. Thailand is a source, transit and destination country for girls trafficked for the purpose of child prostitution. Child prostitution is largely intertwined with the entertainment industry, such as (karaoke) bars and massage parlours.

*Source:ECPAT INTERNATIONAL, The commercial sexual exploitation of children in South-East Asia, 2014


In Thailand, poverty is the key driver of trafficking and forced prostitution of girls. Undocumented (immigrant) girls are particularly vulnerable. Girls are trafficked from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China and Vietnam to Thailand. In addition, girls are trafficked from Thailand to the Middle East, Japan and Australia via Malaysia and Hong Kong. Child sex tourism is also a significant problem. Girls are often sexually abused in touristic areas, where child prostitution takes place openly. Offenders also sexually exploit girls using the escort circuit in private homes and lodges.


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