How is it possible that human trafficking and forced prostitution of young girls is so common in  the Netherlands? We are astonished. What is happening in our own backyard is a serious problem. That is why we are committed to fight against human trafficking and prostitution of young girls within The Netherlands. Numbers presented by the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children show that in 2014 there were 1.561 victims of human trafficking. Of these 84% are women and 486 victims had Dutch nationality. Out of all the Dutch victims, 145 victims were minors. It is important to remember that these numbers represent the registered victims, which only provides us with a vague image of the actual, dark numbers. The numbers reveal that the majority of victims of human trafficking are exploited in the sex industry – a trend also observed in preceding years.


There are many cases of loverboys and lovergirls: a new category of pimps’ who lure Dutch girls (from the age of 12) into prostitution, and into the invisible branch of prostitution that occurs in private houses and escort services.

The girls that are trafficked to the Netherlands from abroad are typically from Romania (14%), Hungary (10%) and Bulgaria (6%). In addition to these countries, many girls originate from West African countries. Some of these girls are forced into prostitution in the Red Light District and the minor girls in particular disappear into the invisible circuit of prostitution.



  • Free a Girl supports a partner organisation that provides shelter and assistance to Dutch and foreign victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.
  • Free a Girl supports a partner organisation that offers legal assistance to minor foreign victims of trafficking and prostitution.
  • Free a Girl plans to partner with an organisation that offers an alternative way of life to victims working in the Red Light District by providing vocational training and job placement, so that they can build independence.
  • Free a Girl carries out awareness campaigns to ensure that human trafficking and forced prostitution of young girls is placed on the agenda as well as demands the media to accurately inform the general public.