Data of UNDP show that approximately 58% of Bangladesh’s population lives in poverty. It is estimated that 400,000 children are living or working on the streets, and 10% of these children are forced into prostitution. There are different estimations regarding the number of women and girls that are exploited from Bangladesh every month. A rapport of UNICEF indicates that approximately 400 women and children are victims of trafficking. However, other studies indicate that over 1 million women and children have been trafficked out of the country during the last 30 years. Despite the fact that it is not possible to present exact numbers it can be stated that the trafficking of children and women out of Bangladesh is a serious problem, and requires attention.

*Source: ECPAT INTERNATIONAL, The commercial sexual exploitation of children in South Asia, 2014


Girls from impoverished and rural areas that are seeking a better future are especially vulnerable to traffickers. Many girls are lured or forced into prostitution by false promises of marriage or a well-paid job in India. Instead, they are sold to brothels in Calcutta and Mumbai. Natural disasters have also contributed to the vulnerability of girls and women. In Bangladesh tropical monsoons, floods and cyclones cause damage and displace thousands of people every year. Women and children are found to be increasingly vulnerable to trafficking during the post-disaster period.


Free a Girl supports one organisation: BNWLA works from Dhaka and is founded by female lawyers, who promote the rights of women and children.