Free a Girl strives for a world without commercial sexual exploitation of children. By offering victims direct assistance and fighting impunity.


Free a Girl was founded in 2008 with the vision that every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. All children in the world must be protected from any form of commercial sexual exploitation.


Free a Girl works with the following four core values:

  • Girls are paramount; around them the projects run, that’s why we think it’s important that their input counts and that they have a say where possible.
  • Action-oriented; that is in our way of working but also in that of partners.
  • Honest; in how we communicate and what we expect from partners, but also as a motive for why we do this work; we do not find it fair that girls are exploited.
  • Innovative; we are looking for new ways to combat child prostitution both in the program and in the donor countries.


Free a Girl has two objectives, which are elaborated in the working methods of the organization:

To stop child prostitution.

Making people worldwide aware of the existence of child prostitution and showing them the need to combat it. In the coming years, these methods will focus on rescueing girls from prostitution, fighting impunity, offering job opportunities to victims to empower them, and implementing lobby & advocacy projects to create support.