Complaint procudure

Free a Girl thinks it’s important to maintain good contact with her donors, sponsors and other relations. We handle complaints and suggestions in a timely manner. We have developed a procedure for this.


Send your suggestion or complaint by mail to: Free A Girl Foundation, Hendrik Figeeweg 3 G10, 2031 BJ Haarlem. You can also call 023-2049400 or send an email to or fill in the contact form.

Immediately after receipt, it is determined which department or person will handle the handling.

The complaint is then registered.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within a week after arrival, which also indicates when an answer can be expected.

After investigation, the necessary steps are taken to respond adequately to the complaint.

A complaint will be answered as soon as possible. That will be the case within a month. If this does not work, we’ll let you know. This may be the case, for example, if specific efforts are to be made in the country in which we have our projects.

A complaint is regarded as settled, if we have the conviction in reasonableness and in relation to the severity of the complaint have done everything possible to respond to the complaint properly.