School for Justice – Nepal

Each year, an estimated 15.000 minor Nepali girls are coerced, abducted or sold by their families into sex slavery or forced labour. These girls have little to no education or employment opportunities.

Within this project, 25 survivors of commercial sexual exploitation are provided an education in law, paralegal, journalism, human rights or police officer. This way, survivors can play a role in fighting the impunity of offenders and empower themselves and other survivors.
Survivors of commercial sexual exploitation are some of the poorest and most vulnerable women. Even after these girls are rescued from trafficking or violence, filing a case against the trafficker or the abuser is often a traumatic experience that leads to re-victimization. In Nepal, it is estimated that only 10% of women file a police complaint against their trafficker or an abuser.

Faced with the possibility of horrendous consequences and public shaming, women often choose to remain silent and not seek justice. This project protects and supports survivors in empowering themselves and others to strive to justice.