Rescue Team Free a Girl Mysore – South India

Rescue Team Free a Girl Mysore – South India



Free a Girl is dedicated to fight child prostitution. Free a Girl indentifies victims and conducts rescue raids to rescue girls from forced prostitution in cooperation with the local police. Once rescued, the rescued girls who can’t go home receive counselling, medical care and education in (government) shelters. With the support of Free a Girl we offer legal aid to the rescued girls to advocate for their best interests in court and to prosecute those responsible.


This project seeks to contribute to eliminating child prostitution in South India by providing rescue and access to justice for victims of sex trafficking, by


  • Rescuing girls from situations of commercial sexual exploitation
  • Filing cases against perpetrators
  • Providing girls with legal support



  • 12 rescue raids with local police
  • 40 victims rescued
  • 10 women and children will be supported with interim support before they can go back to their family (clothes, medicines, groceries and immediate needs)


Tackling impunity:

  • 12 survivors will receive legal support (testimonies, witnessing, necessary documents).
  • During the rescue raids, trafficking gangs will be targeted to increase conviction rates



Amount needed: € 35.000