Rescue and Justice – (Maharashtra) India

It is estimated that millions are are being abused in the industry of commercial sexual exploitation of children in India. The exploitation of girls take place in every place imaginable: hotels, bars, massage parlours, petrol stations, temples and truck stops. Vulnerable girls from poor backgrounds are often sold, kidnapped or lured into forced prostitution under false promises of marriage and well-paid jobs. They are frequently enslaved and raped on a daily basis, suffering from severe physical and psychological trauma. Law enforcement activities have a direct influence on the sex trafficking of minors. This is why our partner organisation Freedom Firm focuses on law enforcement activities.

Freedom Firm, in collaboration with local law enforcement and Free a Girl, has set up a Rescue and Justice program in order to rescue minor girls who have been trafficked into the sex trade. The program will also make sure that perpetrators are held accountable for the abuse and trauma they have caused these girls by filing legal charges against the perpetrators and providing legal support to victims. By creating awareness of anti-trafficking laws, protocols and rights, the program will bring systemic change and a decline of child sex trafficking in India.

Help Free a Girl and Freedom Firm to bring justice to the girls who have been abused and put a stop to the industry of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Please donate below.