Network Against Sexual Violence Brazil

In Brazil, we protect victims of sexual violence as well as children in serious risk of sexual violence. We prevent child prostitution by reaching out to vulnerable girls from the favelas. We offer them vocational training and empower them. Every year, 1600 girls receive training in order to become hairdressers. There are also trainings available for sewing, cooking, improving computer skills and so on. In the shelters, we take care of children removed from their homes by court order. We provide childcare, education, vocational training, medical care, trauma counselling and reintegration support for victims. The implementing partners of Free a Girl in Brazil are ABARF and Maria Mãe da Vida working as partners. Trauma counselling for the girls is provided by Dawn Watson. Click here for more information about Dawn Watson.

ABARF has three shelters for girls that are victims of sexual violence. The shelters are three small family homes with a capacity of 12 children per home. The girls receive support focused on rehabilitation and, when possible, safe reintegration into their family. The homes offer personal guidance and a familial environment, aimed at creating a safe alternative family setting for these girls. A so called ‘house mother’ lives in every shelter to love and take care of the children from the aged 5 to 18 years.

Maria Mãe da Vida offers health care and vocational training to girls from the favelas to change their perspective for the future (from prostitution). Vulnerable children, children at risk or victims of sexual violence can get an education in computer skills, hairdressing, sewing, crafts, cooking and nail styling. Pregnant girls get support during their pregnancy and are prepared for motherhood. There are doctors available as well for pre- and postnatal care for the girls.

The project location is in Fortaleza, Quixadá and Juazeiro do Norte – Ceará (Brazil), cities characterized by high rates of sexual violence against children and adolescents.

Planned Activities and results over 6 months


  • 36 girls in 3 houses/shelters will receive education, help with arranging legal documents, medical care, psychosocial counselling. If possible, there are family visits at least monthly.
  • 3 adolescents (16 year old) will get access to labour market and will participate in spaces for discussion and construction of youth policies.
  • 16 cultural/leisure/art activities will be organized for socialization for 36 girls
  • 43 girls will receive a youth protagonist course with weekly meetings, which is focused on emancipation, life skills and citizenship.


  • 800 at risk girls in the favelas will receive medical care, psychosocial counselling, information on sexual exploitation, drugs and STDs.
  • 800 adolescents will receive vocational training: hairdressing, computer skills, crafts, sewing, cooking, nail styling.
  • Weekly, leisure and educational events will be organised for 800 girls to raise their self-esteem.
  • 3 capacity building meetings with staff on sexual violence, trafficking, identification of the problem, enabling the educators and other network professionals.


  • 66 girls will receive support with finding a job.
  • Increase the number of partner companies from 6 to 12 to offer job opportunities for the girls
  • 60 girls will get a training on entrepreneurship

Please help us raise EURO 64.955 (In BLR 310.611 and USD 74.405).