Free a Girl and Malala Fund: Educate, Empower, Lead

EDUCATING GIRLS AS FUTURE LEADERS, FIGHTING CHILD PROSTITUTION Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is widespread in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Girls make up the majority of identified victims. Factors such as poverty, lack of education, as well as the subordinate position of girls increase their vulnerabilities. Malala Fund, co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner […]

Request for virgin leads to a rescue

Our undercover team received information about Locham*, a man who offered young girls for prostitution in Mumbai. The team pretended to be customers and visited the trafficker. After they won some trust they have been offered several girls. A VIRGIN Our team asked if he could arrange virgins and Locham confirmed. After an extensive investigation […]

Marketing teacher is learning girls enter the market

A marketing teacher of a university is learning girls how they can enter the market with their self-made products in Brazil. This project provides work opportunities and financial certainty after the girls finished their vocational training. These sales provides an alternative manner of income instead of prostitution. SUCCESFUL PROJECT At this moment 52 girls in […]

Maximum punishment for two offenders

Reshma* a young girl from Nepal was in contact with a man. They phoned each other a lot and after a while she fell in love. She promised him to marry him. According to the man it was impossible to marry in Nepal, however it would be possible in India. Reshma, the man and a […]

Proud: 8 survivors have found a great job

It occurs when survivors are strong enough to go home, that they are not accepted by their community. Employment opportunities play an important role in creating a healthy relationship between a survivor and the community. It also provides financial independency. Education and vocational trainings are the first steps. Our partner organisation in Bangladesh provides external […]

Another suspect arrested

We received an update from our partnerorganisation about the rescue we shared on November, 15. During the raid they rescued a minor and two people have been arrested. Unfortunately two suspects absconded. The police continued the investigation nearby the place of the rescue raid. Based on these findings they were able to arrested another suspect.

Arjan Erkel received an ‘Our Heroes Award’ presented by Ricky Martin

On 12th  November Arjan Erkel received an ‘Our Heroes Award’ for his work at Free a Girl from the Global Gift Foundation USA. The award was presented to him by Ricky Martin during the Global Gift Gala in Mexico. In 2002 Arjan Erkel was kidnapped by rebels during his work at Artsen Zonder Grenzen(Médecins Sans […]

A dream

It’s hard to imagine under which circumstances some children have to live. The children on these pictures are living in the red light area of Khiddipore India, because their mothers are sex workers. Free a Girl finances a Centre which offers these children a safe place to go to while their mothers need to work. […]


An informer found a girl who was being abused and held by a trafficker. By selling the girl to a brothel keeper, the trafficker would have earned a lot of money for the girl. The informer notified our partner organisation and they started an undercover investigation. When they had enough proof they informed the police, […]

Proof in court against brothel keeper

In September there was a court-case against a brothel keeper for exploiting minors in prostitution. The brothel keeper claimed that the survivor, Reema*, was a major (over the age of 18). He provided a birth certificate that showed Reema’s date of birth as 30th February 1996, overlooking the fact that there are only 28 or […]