Instituto dawn watson & Free a Girl

From Dutch till Dawn video

The story of Dawn Watson is a story of unimaginable pain and horrific child abuse. She was raised in Brazil as a member of The Children of God cult, and made to do unconscionable things that most people couldn’t even imagine. If you’ve seen the Netflix documentary, I AM NOT YOUR GURU, there’s no doubt that Dawn’s story is one you won’t forget.

Dawn has completely reclaimed her POWER, found her voice, changed the course of her life, became a force for good, and the inspiration for TRANSFORMATION for so many people around the world. She is now certified by the tony Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention and helps people find FREEDOM from their greatest pain, allowing them to finally DISCOVER and LIVE their greatest TRUTH.

Dawn also wrote her first book and founded an organization: The Instituto Dawn Watson – Break the Silence, Heal the Pain, which helps victims of abuse and trafficking rebuild their identities.

Free a Girl is very proud and grateful to work together with Dawn Watson to heal the pain for the victims of sexual violence and prostitution.

We have started our cooperation together in Fortaleza providing girls who are victim of sexual violence with education, vocational training and healing events.

Please support our cause.