Arjan Erkel

In 2008, Arjan Erkel together with Roelof van Laar, Evelien Hölsken and Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau established Free a Girl. Arjan: “My own case was receiving a high level of media attention globally. The suffering of these girls deserves the same attention. At a very young age, they end up in brothels and are exploited and raped daily.

Arjan Erkel graduated as a cultural anthropologist. In 1994, he left to work in the field with Doctors Without Borders. In August 2002, he was kidnapped in the Russian republic of Dagestan and released after 607 days. He describes his abduction in his first book, ‘Kidnapped’.

Arjan owns his own company, Walking Tree BV. This organisation works with people and organisations to create enabling conditions and environments that harness their potential and growth. Additionally, Arjan gives lectures and workshops to individuals and businesses to inspire, motivate and encourage growth through change, resilience and connectivity. Arjan Erkel is married and has three daughters; Anna Sophia, Arabella and Adriana.