Maximum punishment for two offenders

Reshma* a young girl from Nepal was in contact with a man. They phoned each other a lot and after a while she fell in love. She promised him to marry him. According to the man it was impossible to marry in Nepal, however it would be possible in India. Reshma, the man and a friend of him traveled to India. Once they arrived they didn’t marry each other. The two men sold Reshma to a brothel keeper for 150.000 Indian Rupee (approximately 2.000 euro).


The undercover team of Free a Girl rescued Reshma out of the hands of the brothel keeper. Our partner organisation offered her shelter and the needed care. She has been repatriated to Nepal. In Nepal she reported her case to the police.


After a juridical process, the two men have been called guilty and sentenced to the maximum punishment of 20years of imprisonment. Furthermore they have to pay a fine of 200.000 Nepalese Rupee ( 1.700 euro)  plus 100.000 Nepalese Rupee to Reshma.

Often, certain punishments are less successful because of the lack of support for the survivor and the family and a lack of trust in the court system. This successful conviction has only been possible by the complete support of the survivor, her family and the effort of our partner organisation.