Call for partners working with Chinese victims of human trafficking

Free a Girl is interested in collaborating with NGO partners worldwide that are active in the fight against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). We are looking for long-term relationships with organizations which rescue children from exploitive situations.

Currently, we are looking for organizations who work with providing support to Chinese girls who have been submitted to sexual exploitation, forced marriages and/or forced organ donation. We invite all organizations which share our mission and principles, and fit the listed criteria, to submit their applications.

About Free a Girl

Founded in 2008, Free a Girl is a Dutch child rights organization based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Our current partners are local organizations in India, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil, Moldova, the Netherlands, Cameroon and Thailand.
As we are growing fast, we would like to include more organizations and projects to our portfolio (from any country on the DAC list).

We aim to support local, national and regional organizations in the fight against the worst forms of abuse of children. We offer our partner organizations a no-nonsense approach with a clear focus on results and goals. Free a Girl is interested in cooperating and providing support to small and medium size organizations.


  • The Girls are paramount; they are the project’s main focus, so it is important that they provide us with their input and that their experiences are always considered and incorporated into the project.
  • Action-oriented; this is our way of working, and also how our partners work.
  • Fair; in how we communicate and what we expect from partners, but also what drives us to do this work; the exploitative situation that these girls are exposed to is a direct violation of universal human rights.
  • Inquisitive; we want to continue to learn in order to improve the effectiveness of the projects we support and our organization in general.

Partner criteria

Free a Girl has formulated a comprehensive set of partner selection criteria. These are the minimum criteria that every partner organization has to meet:

  • Partners are non-profit organizations and, where possible, recognized by local government, and acting in accordance with local law.
  • Their focus is specifically on preventing and combating prostitution of children and young people, with an emphasis on girls.
  • In areas where commercial sexual exploitation of children and young people is a major problem.
  • Are accountable to the target group for which they work and involve them in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the projects.
  • Realize the vulnerability of the target group and ensure that adequate safety measures are taken to protect them.
  • Are led by people with extensive knowledge and connections in the field, and the organization has a proven track record regarding the prevention and actions towards combating child prostitution.
  • Want to learn from their projects and are open for discussion and feedback.
  • Show that they are committed to cooperation with other actors working in 
this field to make a difference at a higher level.
  • Have the ability whenever possible to work with the government to increase 
the capacity of the government and to speak of its responsibilities to the 
vulnerable sector of society.
  • Pursue professional accounting records audited by a qualified accountant.
  • Write annual plans and annual reports, and make it available.
  • Is transparent and open to audits and evaluations.
  • Propagandize no religious or political positions in the work they perform.

Specific criteria

For this call, we are only interested in cooperating with partner organizations which also meet the following criteria:

  • In this instance, we are searching for organizations either in China or outside of China which support Chinese girls who have been victims of human trafficking for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriages and/or organ extraction. The programs should be aimed at the rescue, rehabilitation, integration and/or general support.
  • Partners have no other (major) donors from the Netherlands in 2014.
  • The project has a maximum budget of € 50.000.
  • Duration of the project: 1 year (initially).
  • Will be able to start in the last quarter of 2014.


Free a Girl prefers to cooperate with several organizations from the same country or region. If there are other organizations within your network interested in cooperating with Free a Girl, please make sure they send in a response as well and mention them in your response.


A concept note (4-6 page)for this partner call should be send to by the 15th of July 2014:
The concept note should include the following sections:

  • Organizational background, including demonstrable capacity and relevant expertise 
and experience.
  • Project details, including problems addressed, aims and objectives, key results and 
  • Project implementation strategy
 Summary of budget, indicating key line items required and including other major 
sources of support. 
In addition to the concept note we request the following documents:
  • The most recent annual report (including an annual financial report).
  • A list of donor organizations which have provided support to your organization in 
2013 or 2014.

Applications will be acknowledge via email correspondence. Incomplete responses will not be considered.

Based on submitted concept note and additional documents, selected organizations will be requested to submit a full proposal. Within 14 days after submission of the concept note organizations will be informed on whether or not they are invited to provide a full proposal. Please note short listing does not necessarily mean guaranteed funding.

For more information on Free a Girl see our website: